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How to participate in a research project ?

Before embarking upon a European project, some questions need to be asked :

  • What are my objectives ?
  • Does the project offer a strategic benefit to my organisation ?
  • What is its level of innovation ?
  • Am I ready to collaborate with partners form different cultures, speaking different languages ?
  • What internal resources can I allocate to it ?
  • What is the potential market for my project ?

NCP Wallonie can help you answer these questions.

What do we mean by "European projects" ?

At NCP Wallonie, European projects are structured around three necessary components :

  • Research, Development and Innovation

    The project must meet an identified need which is not being met adequately on the market. Depending on the complexity of the technological barriers to be broken down and the "time-to-market", the project will position itself either more towards R&D or towards innovation.
    NCP Wallonie will advise you in the choice of programme.

  • Consortium

    The project must be run in collaboration with other partners as part of a consortium. Each of the partners will decide on its role and involvement in the project. One of them will be responsible for the project coordination.
    NCP Wallonie will advise you in the formulation of your strategy.

  • International

    The project must bring together European partners and skills on an international level. At least two or three countries must be represented.
    NCP Wallonie will advise you in your search for partners.

The various stages of European projects :

European projects take place in various phases whatever the funding bodies (EU, SPW - Public Service of Wallonia).

  • Defining the strategy

    Partner or coordinator ?
    Being the project coordinator allows you to direct the project as you wish. The investment is significant but brings enormous benefits in terms of contacts, opportunities and raising your profile. If you participate in the project as a partner, the amount of time invested is much less significant. You will therefore be able to concentrate on your cutting-edge technology. NCP Wallonie will advise you in the definition of your strategy.

  • Identifying the best project appeal

    … for which your idea is eligible. This call for proposals will very likely be found amongst the numerous financing programmes followed by NCP Wallonie.
      NCP Wallonie will advise you in choosing the programme most suited to your project idea.

  • Put together a consortium

    Two strategies :

    • Be part of a consortium of partners seeking your skills and competences ;
    • Bring together a close-knit group of partners around your project idea and form your own consortium.

    Find potential partners, whatever your strategy

    • Activate your network (clients, suppliers, researchers…),
    • Make yourself visible by attending conferences and brokerage events (events where partners can be found) organised by the European Commission, the SPW, NCP Wallonie…
    • Consult the Projects database on the Cordis website,
    • Get in contact with NCP Wallonie. We are in contact with other European NCPs and receive numerous partner search requests directly. In addition, we travel the length and breadth of Wallonia throughout the year in order to meet with entrepreneurs. As a result, we know their strengths, their areas of expertise and their expectations regarding potential participation in a European research project.
  • Putting together the proposal
    • Define the structure of the proposal, its objectives and the research strategy
    • Define the deliverables as well as the major and minor milestones of the project
    • Draw up a list of tasks for each partner
    • Address the issue of intellectual property
    • Aids :
      • At the Walloon level : PICARRE, list of specialist lawyers (contact NCP Wallonie for a copy)
      • At the European level : IPR Helpdesk
    • Prepare the consortium agreement
      This document establishes the rights and duties of each partner in the consortium.
    • Calculate the budget
    • Write the proposal
    • ERA-Nets and Eurostars: prepare the DGO6 financing application form.

    NCP Wallonie will advise and assist you throughout the construction of your proposal.

  • Submit the project before the deadline

    Projects must be submitted before the deadline which is clearly specified in each call for proposals. The proposals are evaluated by a panel of independant experts. The consortia of the selected projects will then be invited to negotiate a contract with the financing bodies. Once the subsidy agreement has been signed, the project can begin.