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JTI (Joint Technology Initiatives)

What is it ?

Joint Technology Initiatives are long-term public-private partnerships. They support large-scale multinational research activities in areas of major interest to European industrial competitiveness and issues of high societal relevance.

The concept

JTIs are a means to implement the Strategic Research Agendas of a limited number of European Technology Platforms. They manage research projects in an integrated manner, with industry joining forces with other stakeholders.

Go to the ongoing calls for proposals

The 6 ongoing JTIs

The 6 following initiatives were identified in the FP7:

  • Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)
  • Embedded Computing Systems (ARTEMIS)
  • Aeronautics and Air Transport (Clean Sky)
  • Nanoelectronics Technologies 2020 (ENIAC)
  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Initiative (FCH)
  • Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES)


Creating a framework which will enable to respond to the main challenges of these 6 areas.

Who is it for ?

  • Businesses
  • Universities
  • Research centres

Why should you participate ?

To :

  • Work with the major players in your industrial sector ;
  • Expand your range of products and services ;
  • Strengthen your know-how ;
  • Expand into new markets ;
  • Receive considerable co-financing for your research and innovation activities.

How to participate ?

Each JTI launches its own calls for proposals with its own particular rules several times a year. Some of them require a co-funding by regional authorities, which is not necessarily automatic for Wallonia.

When to participate ?

Go to the ongoing calls for proposals

Go to the ongoing calls for proposals


Rules for taking part