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We are at your disposal to help you identifying the most appropriate programme for your international strategy.

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Choosing the right funding programme

To secure funding, a project needs to fulfil the expectations of the funding agencies completely. Only the best proposals will be funded!
That means that choosing the right programme is vital and the number one key to success.

Your need

  • identifying the funding that best suits your project idea

Our services

  • We assess your project idea: How is it positioned in relation to the current state-of-the-art? How innovative is it? Does it fit in with the framework of any particular European funding scheme? If so, which one? And so on.
  • We steer you towards the programme that best suits your project idea
  • We explain the specific features of each programme: the timetable, how it works, funding available, assessment criteria, etc.
  • We start working together until your proposal is ready to submit

The portfolio of programmes

It covers the whole value chain, from the basic research through to the first market applications. Our independance in relation to these programmes is your greatest advantage, as we only ever act in your interests!

  • HORIZON 2020: Ambition and excellence
    A multi-themed European funding programme for research and innovation (2014-2020).

  • ERA-Nets: Cross-border mutually beneficial collaboration
    A set of themed programmes building bridges between national/regional programmes.

  • Eurostars: Openness and simplicity
    International programme suitable for innovative SMEs and their partners.

Tools you have at your disposal

  • Timeline
    It is a roadmap which includes the key stages of the project and which is a main thread in setting up a successful proposal.
  • The definition of your idea
    The aim is to facilitate the discussion on an idea which may lead to a R&D project to be taken at international level.
Please feel free to contact us to get them!

NCP Wallonie's advice

The success of your project is intimately linked to the choice of the right programme.

Contact us to find the funding solution that best suits your project idea.

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