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Interaction with funding agencies

In most cases, your project will need to respond to the whole subject put outlined in a call for proposals. Understanding the roots of the subject and the implicit expectations of the funding agencies is a complex process, but it is essential if you want to boost your chances of success.

Your needs

A meeting with your project officer in the European Commission or the Service Public de Wallonie (SPW – Direction générale de la Recherche) to:

  • make sure that the content of your project fulfils his expectations
  • redirect the content of the project, if needed

Our services

Working with us will give you the competitive advantage of being able to meet key contacts. By capitalising on the short distance from Brussels and the European Commission, you are stacking all the odds in your favour!

NCP Wallonie can help you to:

  • open doors to European and Walloon institutions. In fact, NCP Wallonie is the only one to be officially recognised by the European Commission and Wallonia.
  • identify the European organisations, think-thanks and technological platforms that are behind the emergence of the subject that you are interested in and that features in the call for proposals.
  • organise meetings with the European Commission or the Walloon authorities for your consortium to make sure that the content of your project fulfils their expectations.

NCP Wallonie's advice

The European Commission is based in Brussels. Profit from this competitive advantage to meet the programme officer.

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