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We are at your disposal to help you identifying the most appropriate programme for your international strategy.

Please feel free to contact us!

Establishing the partnership

Building or integrating the best team for your project will boost your chances of success. We will do everything we can to put you in touch with the best partners!

Your needs

  • defining your role: partner or coordinator ?
  • finding a partner to add skills to your consortium
  • joining an existing consortium

Our services

You have your own network, and NCP Wallonie is constantly developing its own on a European level. By bringing these together, we can offer you access to strategic contacts, and circulate your proposals or searches for partners throughout Europe.

For this crucial process of establishing the partnership, NCP Wallonie will:

  • Advice you on the best strategy to adopt:
    • Is it better to join an existing consortium as a partner, or put together your own partnership as a coordinator?
    • Which skills is your consortium lacking?
    • Which skills do you offer that might be of interest to a European consortium?

  • Help you raise your profile:
    • by circulating your skills within our networks,
    • by targeting partners with the most potential,
    • by advising you on the most relevant events to raise your profile.
  • Work with you to find the best partners/coordinators and make sure your partnership is a success thanks to:
    • our contacts with European NCP networks,
    • an analyse of the databases to which we have access,
    • our ongoing commitment to seeking out opportunities to seize and the needs that you fulfil.

Tools at your disposal

  • Skills matrice
    This matrix identifies the skills needed for the project to take place.
  • One page proposal
    This is a short version of the project. The aim is to attract the reader's attention and to specify the additional skills demanded by the consortium.
Please feel free to contact us to get them!

NCP Wallonie's advice

Be proactive and raise your profile! We will then do everything we can to put you in touch with the best partners.

Extra support

  • Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)
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