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Critical revision of the project

In the incredibly competitive environment of European projects, any constructive comments from an expert can tip the scales. Make sure you stack the odds in your favour by asking for our help to review your proposals, whether you are a coordinator or a partner.

Your needs

  • Gaining extra points during the evaluation
  • Evaluating how your project will be assessed by evaluators

Our services

A good idea is not enough. The text of your proposals needs to be as convincing as possible. By applying our approach, we do everything we can to avoid common errors by:

  • Checking the elements on which you will be judged, namely:
    • the robustness of the concept,
    • the detail of the objectives,
    • the coherence of the working plans,
    • the reliability of the consortium,
    • the balance of the budget,
    • the plan for making the most of the results,
    • how intellectual property will be managed.
  • Making your proposal coherent, balanced and relevant
    Succinctness and clarity are major advantages, the coherence of the budget and mutually beneficial skills offered by the partners are essential, and the definition of SMART objectives is always appreciated.
  • Interacting with you as early on and as frequently as possible
    The text of your proposal is the only tool you have to convince the evaluators. So don't wait until your project is finalised before you get in touch. The more time you have before the deadline, the easier it will be to incorporate our suggestions.

NCP Wallonie's advice

Sharing all or part of your project proposal with us can make all the difference during the assessment process.

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